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BFITS Thailand
At least ฿40,300 / month (full time)

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Science, English, ICT and Math Teachers


Teach Abroad with BFITS Thailand!

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|--> English Program (EP) <--|
We are interviewing prospective Science, Math, English and Kindergarten applicants for teaching positions in the 2019/2020 academic year.
Opportunities to teach Science, Math, and English within the English Program (EP) across Thailand starting in April/May 2019 with training provided.
-> Below is a list our English Program (EP) Teaching Subjects and the Positions available for each subject, starting April/May 2019.

--> Math Teacher <--
BFITS teaches Algebra, Geometry, and Statistics for grades 7-9, Trigonometry for grade 10, Pre-Calculus for grade 11, and Calculus for grade 12.

~>> Central Thailand:
(Bangkok) Nonthaburi: 1 position


--> Computer Teacher (ICT) <--
(Information, Communication & Technology):
* Design and Technology, Information and Communication Technology, Movement, Physical Exercise and Games, Technology (ICT), Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

~>> Northeastern Thailand:
Buriram: 1 position

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--> Benefits:
40,300 baht (EP/Content) salary per month plus 500 baht per hour if overtime.
12 month (EP/Content) academic year contract that can be extended for additional years and additional benefits. *No unpaid months or reduced pay due to school holidays or reduced teaching hours
Monthly supplemental attendance bonus of 750 baht per month.
End of Contract bonus up to 34,000 baht.
Guaranteed yearly 3% cost of living pay increase minimum.
BUPA medical insurance paid.
BUPA dental insurance paid.
2 weeks paid vacation (an additional week for additional years of employment up to 4 weeks).
All Thai government holidays off with pay (13-15 days annually) *These are mandatory government holidays in addition to the paid vacation.
2-4 Paid personal/sick days (unused personal days reimbursed at 500 baht per day at end of contract).
Assistance with visa extension and in obtaining a Non-B visa (Teacher must provide proper documentation-Original degree/TEFL/Police clearance).
Work permit and teacher’s license paid by BFITS.
Assistance (if needed) in locating housing.
Airport pickup (if needed).
Yearly professional development training provided for free during school breaks. Topics of training based on teacher requests and needs.
Western Management.

--> Working Conditions:
Teaching hours range from 15-20 hours a week.
Class sizes range from 25-35 students per class with air-conditioned classrooms, LCD projectors, Apple TV.
School hours are approximately 07.30-16.30 Monday to Friday.
Curriculum and lesson breakdowns are already developed and provided to the teacher.
All teaching materials are supplied by BFITS in paper or digital format: Textbooks, PowerPoints, Online Learning Platforms, etc.
* Classrooms equipped with LCD projectors so PowerPoint experience is needed.

--> Responsibilities:
Teach subject content to assigned classes as per schedule provided.
Adapt and deliver PowerPoint lessons provided by BFITS.
Modify and adapt lessons to meet the needs of your class.
IT skills are a prerequisite of this position.
Maintain weekly office hours.
Maintain student grading/assessment using company online Learning Management System.
Attend office meetings or professional development held during office hours (if/when needed).

--> Minimum Requirements:
Native English Speaker (Passport and Degree from the USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand).
Bachelor's Degree (preference is given to degrees in education or content area wishing to teach).
TEFL/TESOL Certification.
Police Clearance.
Basic Office/IT Skills.
One or more years of teaching experience preferred (non-experienced teachers will be considered provided they have degrees specific to the content to be taught).

You can read more about the BFITS program here:
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-> EP Positions:
- Math Teacher
- English Teacher
- Science Teacher
- Kindergarten Teacher


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BFITS is a leading provider of English education programs to government and private schools throughout Thailand. We are a full service educational company providing a comprehensive learner-centered experience. As such, we pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach to the learning experience. Our use of technology allows us to tailor a program to suit the need of the learner and school while maintaining a high standard of education. BFITS works collaboratively with our schools to provide the best responsive educational programs. If you are a serious teacher who wants to make a significant impact on our students, please consider BFITS Thailand and email us at

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You can either send your resume to the employer yourself at the email address above, or you can create a resume on to easily send to employers at any time with just a few clicks!

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