NES EFL/ESL Teachers


Chiang Mai, Thailand (2 full-time Native English Speaking Teachers needed) salary 32,000 bt/month.
Yupparaj Witayalai (located across from the 3 Kings monument) in the center of Chiang Mai city is currently in need of 2 full-time Native English Speaking ESL teachers with a BA degree and TESL, TEFL, or CELTA, or teaching certification from your home country. Less than 20 teaching hours per week. A 1-year contract with Visa/WP documentation support and full insurance provided.

About Yupparaj High School: Yupparaj is a high school which teaches 7-12 Graders. The school specializes in Math and Science. The school receives special funding from the Thai government to help support extra learning for students gifted in Math and Science for things such as lab equipment and projectors in all classrooms. Our school has a reputation for having the politest students in Chiang Mai.


Mike Cook (Head-coordinator for Foreign Teachers at Yupparaj Witayalai School)

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