CIA FIRST International School
At least ฿60,000 / month (full time)

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Language Support Teacher - Middle School


CIA FIRST International School, a well-established and internationally recognized educational institution in Phnom Penh/Cambodia committed to supporting the development of children from ages 3 to 18, is looking for: MSHS Language Support Program Teacher

Duties and responsibilities:
The Language Support Teacher reports functionally to the MSHS Language Support Coordinator, Student Support Services Coordinator and School-level Coordinators and hierarchically to the School-level Principals.

Lesson planning:
Attends all weekly subject meetings arranged by their Subject Coordinators.
Communicates regularly with their subject teachers and takes initiative to set up collaborative planning sessions to have a clear overview of what lessons will be taught a week in advance so that both teachers can effectively co plan lessons.
Prioritize and determine language objectives along with the content teachers to match the LSP students’ readiness and needs.
Prepares strategies and/or scaffolding resources for LSP students to access the content based on their current WIDA levels.
Follows the curriculum and uses the resources provided by LSP.
Shows evidence of creating resources by sharing them with their Subject Coordinator and MSHS LSP Coordinator, and storing them in the LSP folder on Google Drive for reference and future use.

Teacher Strategies:
Supports the subject teacher in conveying new ideas in class using lower tiered language so LSP students understand the focus of the lesson.
Provide support through differentiation for LSP students so they are able to participate in learning and achieve academically in the mainstream classroom.
Reteach or pre-teach earlier language points that are needed to learn unit language objectives through planned co teaching in the mainstream class.
Define learning expectations and provide timely evaluative feedback on individual student performance via regular meetings, emails, online Google platforms and Achieve 3000.
Collaborates with the subject teacher and plans pull out sessions to teach or reteach specific language strategies.

Collaborating with Subject Coordinators and the MSHS LSP Coordinator to modify the WIDA Language Features to the Acquisition section of UbD Unit Plans.
Developing LSP-focused lesson plans for units to cater for LSP students.
Conduct performance task analysis to highlight language challenges and to determine the support strategies necessary for success.
Working with the Subject Coordinators and MSHS LSP Coordinator to develop modified summative assessments and rubrics or scaffold existing ones for LSP students where necessary.

Referrals and Assessments:
Working with the Student Support Services department to determine LSP Programme interventions for referred students.
Carrying out SSS observations in mainstream classes where necessary.
Administering WIDA SCREENER tests to determine language proficiency entry data.
Administering the WIDA MODEL tests to determine language proficiency growth and exit data.
Administering Running Record Benchmark Asssessments.
Supporting the admissions process to determine programme placement.

Progress Reporting, Data Collection & Analysis:
Collecting and analysing LSP student achievement data to determine intervention needs and effectiveness of interventions.
Planning instruction and activities using collected student data to help implement intervention plans through ILPs created by Student Support Services.
Regularly monitors LSP student folders to keep documentation up to date and organised.
Keeps in regular contact with LSP students they are mentoring through Google Classroom.

Teaching assigned English Language classes utilising up-to-date evidence-based learning and EAL teaching strategies.
Collaborating with Subject Coordinators, School-level Coordinators, School-level Principals and the Curriculum & Professional Learning Coordinator.
Advocating for the LSP Programme with colleagues and supervisors.
Attending meetings called for by the Curriculum & Professional Learning Coordinator, School-level Principals, School-level Coordinators, LSP Coordinators and the School Administrator.

An educational professional who focuses on learning outcomes, assessment design and instructional resources that teachers use in the classroom for Language Support Programmes.
A Bachelor’s degree in Education or Bachelor’s degree with a Post-graduate Teaching Certificate.
CELTA or Delta qualifiied.
Native speaker English proficiency with an IELTS score of a minimum of 7.0
Recent criminal police record check certificate.
He/She has strong commitment to the school’s beliefs about education and the learning process as adopted in the school’s Mission, Vision and SLOs as well as to high standards and expectations for instructors and students.
A Language Support Teacher possesses good interpersonal skills, organizational skills with attention to detail, strong communication, facilitation, and consensus building skills.
A sound understanding of 21st Century Skills and Global Competencies and their importance.

We offer a competitive salary and attractive benefit package considering the candidate's qualifications and experience in international education.

Interested applicants may submit their cover letter, CV, copies of educational and work-related certifications and recent photograph to the following

You can either send your resume to the employer yourself at the email address above, or you can create a resume on to easily send to employers at any time with just a few clicks!

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