NES Teacher


1 Native-English Speaker Teacher Position (1-year)

For the purposes of this ad, a 'top 5' country is: UK, USA, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand

Salary: From a non-top 5 country (d) - 24k THB/month
From a top-5 country: 35k THB/month

Work permit provided (but you have to pay for it - 3,100 THB at the Labour office, then another 1,900 for the visa (total 5k) - sorry, school won't cover this).

Applications open
3-9 May 2019

10th May 2019 @ 0900 at PWK.

If you're interested, then you will need to bring:

- Your resume (+ 1 copy - it's Thailand, you need copies of all official documentation)
- 1 copy of passport (for school)
- 1 copy of degree (Bachelors+)
- teaching license (if any) (+ 1 copy)
- evidence of teaching experience (if any, +1 copy if you have some)
- 1" passport photo (photo within 6-months)

Candidates must be between 25 and 70-years old (it's policy that state schools can't employ past the age of 70; so, please bear that in mind).

More Information
If you want more information, tel: 0871 447 047 (ask for Mrs. Crowley).

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