Female NES Teacher


Anuban Thoen is looking to hire 1 FEMALE NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER for a private program within a government school. We currently have positions open to teach P3 or P4.


Native speakers ONLY
Bachelor's degree
Teaching experience preferred
TEFL certified preferred


Minimum 40,000 baht salary
Help with Visa paperwork
Curriculum provided
School laptop provided
A/C in every M.E.P. classroom
Free lunch every working school day
Help finding housing within a ten minute walking radius
Free school bike available to teachers
Class sizes no larger than 30 students
A Thai teacher will always be in the classroom to aid in discipline and student understanding
All school supplies required will be provided (chalk, whiteboard markers, art supplies, science experiment supplies)

More about the school:

Anuban Thoen is a small school of about 500 total students from the grades of Anuban 1 to Prathom 6. However, our foreign teachers primarily teach students enrolled in the special English program, which currently has grades from P1-P4. The class sizes are small, so teachers really get to know their students and watch their progress over time--a very rewarding feeling. Foreign teachers will be expected to teach a wide variety of subjects completely in English, but no worries, curriculum and books are provided. If you teach for P1 or P2, the powerpoints, tests and worksheets created by previous teachers will be available to you.

Each of these small classes has a homeroom Thai teacher and a homeroom foreign teacher. The Thai teacher will always be there to aid you in your teaching, whether it be with translation, discipline, searching for supplies for class, all the way to helping you find shoes to go with a formal outfit for some special holiday. The way everyone here looks out for each other really gives the place a family feel.

Classes will mostly be taught in the English building which includes A/C in all the classrooms and a teacher's lounge complete with desks for the teachers, a small fridge, and water heater for tea and coffee.

There is also already a small department of foreign teachers who will be willing to aid you in adjusting to the school and life in Thoen. There is another small foreign department at the local high school, so you will certainly not lack access to other English-speakers.

Thoen as a town:

Thoen is a small town with a quaint, homey feel. Only one hour away from Lampang and two from Chiang Mai, it is easy to visit the city on the weekends and then return to the much more decently priced city of Thoen. However, don't be fooled, Thoen has plenty of things to do. Surrounded by mountains, the river walk provides beautiful and scenic views of the sunset and sunrise (if you happen to be a morning person) perfect for a bike ride, jog, or walk. A lovely public park is only a few minutes' walk away from the school complete with basketball court, football field, and free outdoor exercise equipment. There is also a free aerobic dance class taught there every weekday at 6pm.

If shopping is your jam, then all you really need to know is where to look; just ask a Thai teacher and they will direct you (and drive you if you ask nicely enough!) to the perfect spot for some bargain shopping. The locals are friendly and helpful and often very excited to practice English with a native speaker and potential new friend. If you enjoy hiking and exploring, Mae Wa National Park is only 22 km away; Doi Chang is 34 and Mae Ping is 41. Van drivers are easily accessible and will even pick you up at the school if requested. Plus the bus station is not too far away, which makes traveling easy enough. If you are looking for a relaxed, cozy environment that still has easy access to big cities and national parks, Thoen is the place for you!

To apply, please email the Head of Recruiting, Haleigh Griffin, with your resume and a recent photo at haleigh.griffin40@gmail.com

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