Robot Teacher


Job Duties:

- teaching STEM-based Robot activities for groups of children ranging from ages 5-12
- Our robots are from Robotis starting with basic robot(like LEGO)
- Provide feedback to parents about student works.

Requirements of an Instructor:

- Ability to teach/coach young student (5 years old up)
- Able to code Programming C++,Scratch
- work on Saturday -Sunday 1:30 hrs per class (1-3 kids per class) start at 9:30-16:00


- Pay minimum 500 baht/class (1-3kids) 1:30 hrs
- Work only weekend
- Salary released monthly
- Comfortable / casual dress for classes (Company polo shirts are provided. Non-cargo, non-athletic shorts are OK. Shoes must be close-toed)

contact : Robobrick center, At Plearnary Mall Watcharapol 081-389-8890

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