I have registered a school. How do I post a job advertisement?


Go to Post a Job form (opens in a new window/tab), and log in using your username and password.


Enter the following information:

School/Company Name
Select your school name from the menu

Job Title
Enter the full title of the position(s) you are offering. Try to be more specific than something like "English teacher".

Advertisement Grade
Choose the grade that you want to post your job ad under. Bronze Grade ads are free, but if you want to post a Silver, Gold or Platinum Grade ad, you will need to have credits in your account.

Please see the Ad Grades Chart for details of the different Ad Grades available.

Please see the Credit Pack Chart for details of the different Credit Packs available.

To purchase credits, please see our detailed guide.

Short Description
Enter a short description that quickly describes the position you are offering.

Long Description
Enter the full details of your job advertisement

Job Type
Select either "Full Time" or "Part Time" from the menu

Pay Rate
Select the appropriate salary from the menu


You will receive an email from us to confirm the time it will take for your job advertisement to be posted on the website. If you chose the Bronze (free) option, it will take 3 working days (not including Saturday, Sundays or Thai public holidays). If you chose the Silver, Gold or Platinum option, it will take 12-24 hours.


After your advertisement goes live, you will start to receive emails and resumes from teachers who are interested in the position you have advertised.


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Featured Jobs

NES MEP and English Teachers

4 hours ago

฿30,000+ /month


Filipino MEP Teachers for Bangkok

4 hours ago

฿20,000+ /month


NES Online English Teachers

12 hours ago

฿400+ /hour


English Conversation Teachers

2 days, 6 hours ago

฿35,000+ /month


Male NES ESL Teachers for Saudi Arabia

2 days, 23 hours ago

฿80,000+ /month

Various locations

Head Librarian (Beijing)

3 days, 7 hours ago

฿80,000+ /month

Various locations

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Featured Teachers

  • Mikko


    Finn, 36 years old. Currently living in Finland

  • Dr. Nay Myo


    Myanmarese, 31 years old. Currently living in Myanmar

  • Peter


    Indian, 28 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • Wanchu


    Indian, 30 years old. Currently living in Thailand



    Chinese, 32 years old. Currently living in Taiwan

  • Dalveen


    South African, 57 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • Amy


    American, 23 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • laura


    Kenyan, 36 years old. Currently living in Kenya

  • Antony


    British, 45 years old. Currently living in Thailand

  • Matthew


    Canadian, 56 years old. Currently living in Thailand


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