Working in Nakhom Phanom

Monthly Earnings 28,000

Q1. How much do you earn from teaching per month?


Q2. How much of that can you realistically save per month?


Q3. How much do you pay for your accommodation and what do you live in exactly (house, apartment, condo)?

Nothing. I live in a school house.

Q4. What do you spend a month on the following things?


100 baht gas for a motorcycle

Utility bills

About 200 baht (no air-con)

Food - both restaurants and supermarket shopping


Nightlife and drinking

2,000 - 4,000

Books, computers

1,000 (I have internet connection at home)

Q5. How would you summarize your standard of living in one sentence?

Comfortable, but I miss socialising with farang.

Q6. What do you consider to be a real 'bargain' here?


Q7. In your opinion, how much money does anyone need to earn here in order to survive?

In Nakhon Phanom, 20,000bt to survive. I have satellite TV and play golf. Not a lot to spend your money on here, but it's nice and quiet and friendly. (by the way, native speaking science teacher required!)

Phil's analysis and comment

Martin enjoys his life out there in the rurals - but it certainly isn't for everyone. You surely wouldn't want to live in school digs forever and eventually the lack of things to do is going to wear you down ( I know plenty of teachers in that boat) But for now it sounds reasonable enough. He's saving a third of his salary and manages to get out on the golf course from time to time. It doesn't sound as though he goes hungry either. I'm sure 7,000 baht buys you plenty of grub in that part of the world. I bet Martin sinks his teeth into a nice Joe Blake whenever he feels like it

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