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January 2012

All the latest news and promotions from Thailand's TEFL courses

Island TEFL is offering ajarn readers the chance to enrol on any of its 120-hour courses at Bangkok, Koh Phangnan, Koh Samui or Phuket for as little as 24,900 baht. Sign up with a friend and you'll both get 30% off the regular course prices. Island TEFL also has a guaranteed job placement program and they are currently looking for a whopping 300 teachers to work in schools throughout Thailand. All positions will start on May 7th - so get cracking because your training must be completed before that date. In addition to that, you can get a taste for the program by watching the video on YouTube. If you visit the Island TEFL homepage, there is a link to an article about Island TEFL from the popular South East Backpacker website. For more info on Island TEFL courses and services, e-mail Phil Dunne or call him on 084 755 4968. You can also Skype him at islandtefl

Established TEFL course providers Text and Talk have a nice offer included in their Bangkok course beginning on the 9th April 2012. This is an important time of the Thai academic year so course graduates should be able to walk right into a first-semester teaching position at any one of numerous children's schools. On the fun side, there will be a pleasant break in training from 13th through 17th April to celebrate the Songkran water festival.

Those who enrol on this class before 15th March and also mention ajarn.com as their source of information will each receive 10,000 baht in cash from Text and Talk to spend during that fun period! In addition, Text and Talk will help you to acquire accommodations at Poonchok Mansion, which is a luxury serviced apartment nearby. Get in there now because the holiday cash offer only holds good for that April course in Bangkok. In addition, Text and Talk guarantee good employment for any of their course graduates and include a TEFL for Young Learners course worth $660 US absolutely free as part of the regular course (very useful if you plan on teaching children)

Text and Talk TEFL courses are spread over six weeks from Monday to Thursday, giving teachers three days to relax and do other things. For more info visit the Text and Talk website or alternatively e-mail Mr James Parmelee with all your questions. You can even call him if you like on 081 847 7248. US Toll free number is 1 866 554 4438.

Pay a visit to Ontesol's blog for travel information, free lesson plans, classroom tips, and advice from people who completed the TESOL course and then taught English abroad. If you are looking for free job placement assistance, Ontesol is an approved EPIK (South Korea) recruiter and recommends several recruitment agencies from East Asia and the Middle East. Ontesol also offers innovative collaboration agreements to teacher agencies in Thailand. Don't forget to check out Ontesol's new Facebook page as well

The American TESOL Institute is offering some nice deals and discounts on its Thailand TEFL courses. Special 2012 offers include a 290 US dollar discount on the Phuket course and they are still offering the Bangkok course at 2011 prices (950 US dollars) There is also a 100% job guaranteed placement service all over the world and volunteer internships in Thailand for eligible candidates. About half a dozen locations in Thailand - check out the website.

Samui TEFL has some interesting practical teacher locations that are well worth a mention. They hold teacher training sessions at the International School of Samui, with students from age 5 through to 15, as well as the Thai teaching assistants. They do practicals at Oonrak - a Thai private school that follows the English program, teaching nursery school children. They also teach at Plai Laem, a local temple school, with students from P4 to P6 (age 10-12). Apart from this, they have a group of adults that come to the Samui TEFL centre for regular English lessons, as well as a 'Fun English' group of 5-7 year olds that come to the centre after school. To summarise, TEFL course participants will have the opportunity to teach students from age 3 years up to adults, from low level in the temple school, to more advanced in the international school, where you will also gain experience with not only Thais, but also Russian, Belgium and French children. Samui TEFL has a testimonials page if you want to see what other people thought of the course. Why not check out their Facebook page as well while you're at it.

What's going on at SEE TEFL in Chiang Mai?, well, some SEE TEFL graduates have got together to create a SEE TEFL alumni association. Its aim is to connect SEE TEFL graduates and ESL teachers working in Chiang Mai in order to share their experiences of living and working in Northern Thailand. The alumni group is run by SEE TEFL graduates. Check out their Facebook page  Oh and SEE TEFL has now reached over 5,400 views of its 'typical TEFL teaching practice day video on YouTube. It's well worth a look and really gives you a flavor of what goes on in the teaching practice sessions.

UniTEFL, TEFL course providers based up in Chiang Mai, are offering a FREE 60-hour on-line TEFL course for the highest score in the UniTEFL English quiz and what's more - they are offering a free on-line course for every day of December. Must be worth a go surely because you can enter as many times as you wish. So go on - test your English language knowledge.

Text and Talk TEFL courses are spread over six weeks from Monday to Thursday, giving teachers three days to relax and do other things. For more info visit the Text and Talk website or alternatively e-mail Mr James Parmelee with all your questions. You can even call him if you like on 081 847 7248. US Toll free number is 1 866 554 4438

TEFL Plus is having an attractive 'end of year sale'. If you register for their advanced TEFL course, starting on January 16th 2012, you can save 50% of the course fee. So that's a four-week, 125-hour certificate for just 21,000 baht. Not a bad deal at all. You need to reserve your place because understandably seats are very limited if you want to take advantage of the special offer. Fill out the enrolment form on the TEFL Plus website and don't forget to mention that you saw the deal on ajarn.com.

With the help of some of Thailand's TEFL course providers, we've added an article to the ajarn website which lists ten of the reasons why Thailand can be a good choice for your TEFL course.

Steve, from the popular Chichester College TESOL Course in Bangkok, has written an excellent blog entry entitled, "How much Thai do I need to be able to speak?". This is the question on everyones lips when they first consider teaching English in Thailand and Steve's ever-friendly writing tone makes this piece a pleasure to read.



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