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5 recommended detox retreats to start your new year in Thailand

I’ve come to learn that the full detox experience goes far beyond visiting a regular spa.

I’ve got a confession to make. Before coming to Thailand, I didn’t understand why people would spend money going to detox retreats when they can simply have a nice bath. But after living in Thailand for the past few years, I’ve come to learn that the full detox experience goes far beyond visiting a regular spa. 

Detox getaways can help you fully de-stress physically and psychologically, especially if you’ve experienced work burnouts like me. The detox courses available in Thailand are plenty, and needless to say, there are some good ones and not-so-good ones out there. So let’s get started. Here are my top 5 recommended detox retreats to start your new year in Thailand. 

1. Thaan Wellness Destination - Ayutthaya 

Located in the ancient capital of Ayutthaya, Thaan Wellness Destination offers a unique detox experience through using their own herbal products to supplement the wide array of therapy treatments they have on offer. 

If you’re living in Bangkok or adjacent cities like me, getting to Thaan is just around an hour’s drive away. While Thaan has sanctuary spas located throughout Bangkok, their truly holistic detox experience can only be found in their Ayutthaya center. 

At this wellness destination, there are 11 aroma rooms and 4 Thai massage rooms. Additionally, there’s also an aromatherapy steam room and 3 aromatherapy baths with varying temperatures. While I was there, I also made use of their studios and fitness centers, combining relaxation and workout detoxification techniques within the span of just 2 days. 

If you’re looking for a quick break from the Bangkok buzz over the weekend, Thaan Wellness Destination is the place to go. 

2. The Sanctuary Thailand - Koh Phangan

I had the most amazing spiritual experience while staying at The Sanctuary Thailand. Known for its epic ‘Full Moon’ parties, the peaceful and serene side of Koh Phangan is often left forgotten by young party-goers. For me, I’d choose detox programs at Koh Phangan over heavy all-night parties anytime. 

The beach-front resort is located on the quiet shores of Haad Tien Beach. Known to have one of the best weight-loss detox programs in Thailand, the Sanctuary’s detox holiday packages range from around 3 to 10 days. During your retreat, you’ll receive pre-fast consultation, daily organic coffee colonic treatment, daily spa treatments, regular yoga classes, and more. 

I lost a few kilograms after my 5.5 days/ 7 nights getaway in 2018 and I came out of the detox program feeling refreshed, grounded, and focused. 

3. Atsumi - Phuket 

Atsumi is another detox center that is specialized in fasting treatments. There’s no short supply of sightseeing locations in Phuket, but many Hollywood celebrities have visited the island just for this detox experience.

The fasting experience at Atsumi is designed to transform you physically and mentally for the better. But I’d be lying if I said their full fasting program is easy to go through. Fasting detox schedules need a lot of preparation, so make sure you’re ready before you sign-up. Transformation takes hard work after all. 

Atsumi’s famous detox programs include the Atsumi Colema sessions, as well as customized supplements to keep you nourished throughout the fasting period. The wellness center also offers supporting activities, such as consultation sessions, daily blood pressure tracking, and yoga classes. 

4. Kamalaya - Koh Samui 

The final island-based detox center I’d like to recommend is the Kamalaya in Koh Samui. From the detox center, you’ll get a breath-taking view of Koh Samui’s tropical coastline. I haven’t had the opportunity to personally visit Kamalaya, but I’ve heard great things about it and it’s definitely on my 2020 to-do-list. 

Kamalaya’s comprehensive detox program can last from 7 to 14 nights, and the program comes with personal training sessions, oriental herbal detoxifying body scrubs, traditional food massage with herbal foot soak, and more. 

5. La Vie Detox and Wellness Center - Bangkok

La Vie is a luxurious wellness center located in the heart of Bangkok. I work minutes away from Gaysorn Tower where the center is situated, so La Vie has been my go-to place for detoxification treatments for a while now. 

La Vie offers the complete package for anyone looking for a convenient detox experience that delivers on quality. The center’s treatments include colon hydrotherapy, vitamin therapy, infrared sauna, hormone therapy, micrograft hair transplant, massage therapy, and much more. If you haven’t got the time to travel all the way to tropical islands in Thailand, pay a quick visit to La Vie for the some of the best detox treatments you can find in the entire country. 

Finding the right detox retreats for you

The most suitable detox location will depend on your self-improvement objectives. Whether you are looking to strengthen your physical health, improve your immune system, or lose weight in a healthy and efficient way, there’ll always be a detox program that targets your particular goal. 

Although I’m a fairly regular detox goer, I am by no means a detox expert. My goal is to get the ball rolling with this blog post and get you interested in the wellness tourism opportunities in Thailand. If you’re interested in a detox retreat, make sure you seek further advice from professionals. 

As a health insurance broker, however, I do have expertise about whether insurance plans in Thailand will cover alternative medicine and treatments like detox therapies. 

If you’d like to find out more about individual health insurance for expats in Thailand, feel free to contact me at my personal email.  You can email me at ajarn@pacificprime.co.th 


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