Thailand teaching stuff - June 2015

A selection of blog links that will be of interest to teachers in Thailand

Let's begin with a gentleman who describes himself as an Irish born 'opportunist and adventurer' - or as he probably prefers to be called - A Paddy Abroad (if the title of his blog is anything to go by. Well, he's put together a fine blog about living and surviving in Bangkok - including a list of his favourite places to eat and his favourite rooftop bars. There's also a section on where to party. I guess you're only young once. Anyway, you'll find it all in Paddy's 'Bangkok 101'

Blogs are always much easier on the eye when there are plenty of great photographs to look at. And if it's photos and well-written info that you're after, check out Kaleena's Kaleidoscope website because it really is one of the nicest teacher blogs I've seen.

Kaleena's latest offering is titled 'Six Interesting and Hilarious Things About Teaching in Thailand' and includes ladyboys, signs in bad English and the strange array of school uniforms that she sees around campus. It's a very light-hearted and interesting read.

Not directly linked to teaching in Thailand, but still enjoyable, is this guide to 'the six things that you should never say to an expat' which features on Business Insider website. My favourite 'thing that you should never say' is when folks say "why aren't you fluent in the language yet?" - and I totally agree with the answer by the way. 

Bangkok taxi drivers - they don't always get the best press do they? But Thailand bloggers, Cat and Nat, want to put forward a contrasting opinion with their blog titled 'The Brilliant Taxi Drivers of Bangkok'

Chris and Angela's award-winning blog site - Tieland to Thailand - continues to go from strength to strength. One of their blogs that I really enjoyed recently was about the five things they are glad they did before they moved to live in Thailand, Chiang Mai to be exact. There are plenty of comments as well from other like-minded souls who made their dream become a reality.

Thai streetfood lovers should look away now, A Farang Abroad has written a blog on why he's stopped eating streetfood. Definitely some food for thought there.

When I travel around Bangkok and especially when I'm in an unfamiliar neighborhood, I'm constantly amazed at some of the little bakeries, coffee shops and quirky restaurants that have sprung up. And very often there has clearly been a good deal of money spent on them. The Insider's Guide to Bangkok has done a great feature on 8 new cafes in the city - and they all look well worth a visit if I may say so.

Fancy teaching English in rural Thailand? Have a read of Becky's blog and find out what she thought about teaching and life out in the sticks.

Hands up who doesn't like browsing in a Bangkok bookshop? What - no hands! For Bangkok second-hand bookshop lovers, Dasa Bookstore near BTS Prompong has long been a favourite. So if you haven't been there, let Chris Wotton be your guide.

Why don't we end things on a healthy note and see what Richard Barrow had to say on the topic of doing a lifestyle juice cleanse in Thailand. This consists of going for ten days drinking nothing but a specially-planned program of fruit and vegetable juices. Perhaps not something I could stick with but it certainly sounds like a treat for your system!



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