Mike Curl

My thoughts on teacher salaries

How much should you be making?

While extensive amounts of information is already readily available on the matter of teachers' salaries, I'd still like to add some of my own opinions for those considering coming here to teach/teaching to come here.

I'm going to state some things that I think are generally true and also give some figures that I believe to be generally accurate.

Feel free to disagree in the comments if you have differing views.

How much do teachers make? If you want to get rich, don't come here. Teachers tend to make about 30 to 60 thousand Baht per month. Compared to the average Thai salary, that's not bad, but you certainly don't want to be making 30K in Bangkok.

40-60 thousand Baht a month actually goes reasonably far, but it's not living the life by any means. If you're in the 40 to 60K range and single/not a big party animal, you should be able to save about a half to a quarter of that every month.

I'm in that range, but don't save much because I have some major expenses at the moment. However, If I were single, I'd probably be saving about 20K a month, living in a big one bedroom, eating/drinking anything I wanted.

For young and unmarried people, I think making 40-60K is incredibly livable.

If you're a young person concerned about saving for the future and living in Thailand long term, I would say 45K is the minimum monthly salary you should be aiming for. However, If you're middle aged with little savings and thinking about moving here to make 40-50K a month, I would highly advise against it.

All this being said, with a Masters of Education or other advanced certifications, you could be making a little more, maybe even significantly more, although I'm not in the position to really speculate on how much that would be.

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please pay a visit to my own personal blog site. Mike Curl.



Thanks for the actually constructive comment, Dan. That's a great point. My school has recently announced that they are giving us a "real" health insurance scheme this year and also may introduce a pension scheme eventually. But for the last 2 years, no. I have just had BUPA. At the moment I'm just trying to put a away 10-15k a month and find more ways to make money, but no real pension plan.

By Mike, Bangkok (20th July 2015)

Hey, you guys are a bit defensive! By the way: have either of you got a pension scheme or decent health insurance? Now's the time to try and take care of your retirement boys, not sure you could manage it with your salaries though. Tick tock...

By Dan, UK (20th July 2015)

Too many variables in Thailand to make any kind of accurate assessment of what people can earn. In my experience, people usually make slightly more money than they need to and a lot less than they want to.

Dan, your dog fetish is worrying. There are people out there who can help you. Seek them out and end your suffering.

By Mark Newman, Thailand (20th July 2015)

Thanks for the great comments and questions, Dan. I appreciate your sincere interest in the area of dog training. I can tell that you are just such a compassionate guy, and I believe that the world truly needs more people like you. To answer your question, I give him half a bowl of lucky charms soaked in the khao man gai broth that they always give me, but I never eat. Nothing to it.

By Mike, Bangkok (16th July 2015)

Mike, how much did it cost for you to take your dog to training classes and what about vet's bills? Do you think you could afford to keep a dog on a 40,000-a-month wage in BKK?

By Dan, UK (14th July 2015)

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