Julia Knight

This much I know part 2

What has life taught me so far in my 36 years

Last month, Phil (the ajarn.com guy) wrote a blog titled 'This much I know' He felt that I would make a good 'life experience' subject so I am only too happy to oblige.

I am 36 this year, in the middle of the life average of three score and ten. This much I know.

I actually know less and learn more with each year. I have stopped knowing everything- I spent my late teens and 20s in a constant state of arrogance and a self righteous belief that I knew everything. Arrogance is bliss because you never have to take on board anyone else's views.

Life through children's eyes makes for great learning whether it be a personal, professional or spiritual journey. Children have an enormous capacity for enthusiasm and their energy knows no bounds. I am sometimes envious of my three-year old's display of pure honesty from open adoration to complete dissatisfaction- all carried out with conviction that is awe-inspiring.

Friendships are the constant stability of my being. Family of course is always there but for real, hard to swallow gut-love, my friends with no caveat or judgement deliver every time. I have two friends from my youth who have always stuck by me- my friends Jude and Michael.

A little spirituality goes a long way. Believing in something is so important. I don't attach my beliefs to an organised religion but rely on the premise that all have got something beautiful to say and actually living by rules such as 'thall shall not steal or kill' is a supremely sensible thing to do.

Love and kindness heal everything. A nice word or action makes your day instantly better as it does the person who receives it. I love the thought of random acts of kindness to strangers and I try to act upon it everyday.

Being kind to others is important but not as important as being kind to yourself. So what if you make mistakes? Learn from them and move on. Who cares if you miss a plane or turning? I have learnt to be big on fate. Fate takes you everywhere you are destined to be.

Perfect partners. My one wish is that everyone finds that perfect partner who loves them beyond words and measurement. It's one of life's pleasures to be curled up with unconditional love for someone and for that to be reciprocated. After 18 years of it, I can say I am truly blessed.

Silver linings can be found everywhere. Thanks to my friend Beth for her wise and timely words.

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