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Hunting down Bangkok's street art

A pleasant way to while away a couple of hours in Bangrak

I'll keep this short and sweet and let the photos do the talking.

If you are looking for something different to do on a sultry Bangkok afternoon, you could do a lot worse than hunt down some of the city's street art in Bangrak (which is at the lower end of Silom Road)

Take the skytrain to BTS Saphan Taksin on the Silom line, get out of the station at exit 1 and start from there. The majority of the street art (and certainly the best examples) are all clustered around Charoen Krung sois 28, 30 and 32.  

From BTS Saphan Taksin, it's a fairly uninspiring 15-minute walk along the busy Charoen Krung Rd. which takes you past a Robinsons Department Store, Bangkok's Central Post Office and numerous gemstone and silver shops. Thankfully there are also several cute coffee shops if mind and body are beginning to flag and you're in need of a caffeine boost.  An alternative route is to take the MRT to Hualampong but you are still left with the same 15-minute stroll. 

My wife and I are big fans of street art and a few months ago we were in Penang, Malaysia to see if their artists lived up to expectations (and they do!) but whereas in Penang, you often have to join a small queue in order to take photos, in Bangkok - certainly on the afternoon we were there - you've got the artwork pretty much to yourself.

Bangrak has always been an interesting part of the capital. I hadn't been down this way for many years but I lived and worked here in the early 1990's. It's always boasted a thriving gemstone community with many Indian and Pakistani dealers living in the small sois that branch off the main Charoen Krung. As a result, it can be a great area to find cheap Indian restaurants.

Walking around , the only annoyance can be the numerous tuk-tuk and taxi drivers offering you dirt-cheap tours (which will no doubt come at a price). A polite no thanks and a shake of the head is all that's required. I guess the touts instinctively know that you are there just for the street art but with half a dozen major five-star hotels in the vicinity, there are always well-heeled tourists ripe for the picking.

Anyway, enjoy the street art - and don't forget your selfie stick!    


Will definitely check this out! Thanks for this insightful article. Regards!

By Ana, Bangkok (21st July 2018)

Great article and thanks for putting it together.

By George Bowman, Phitsanulok, Thailand (1st June 2018)

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