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Oliver Franks

Q1. Where did you move to and when?

I returned to the UK in November 2005

Q2. How long did you work in Thailand?

I was actually working from early 2003 right until the time i left, so about 2 and a half years.

Q3. What was your main reason for moving?

Like some of the other people on here, i really loved working in Thailand and it was a hard decision to leave, but i came to realise that the job i was doing would eventually bore me to death, and i didn't want to reach that point. Now i am pursuing other lines of work and i can still remember Thailand in the fondest of lights.

Q4. What are the advantages of working where you are now compared to Thailand?

Since i am not really doing a comparable job, it is difficult to compare, but i would say simply the levels of professionalism are often low in Thailand and the prospects for future progression are also limited. In terms of life style / friendships / fun Thailand is the best.

Q5. What do you miss about life in Thailand?

The life style / friendships / fun. The entertaining students. Also talking to happy go lucky thai people and travelling around in buses to different beautiful beaches and mountains etc etc.

Q6. Would you advise a new teacher to seek work in Thailand or where you are now?

I always advise new teachers to go to Thailand, it's all i know and i have only good things to say about it. From what i hear of some other TEFL places you will have a much more memorable time in Thailand.

Q7. Any plans to return to Thailand one day?

Definitely, but it is somewhat pie in the sky in terms of the actual logistics at the moment.

Q8. Anything else you'd like to add?

Don't develop a distaste for Thailand / Thai culture / Thai people, it's a complete waste of a truly great country.

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