We are all unemployable at some point

Sadly, the older you get, the harder it seems to be able to get a job. Its crazy... all those years of experence and life skills just being ignored. How about setting up an education facility, with obvious suitable educational and business support ( a few independant UK schools and universities) have looked at this idea to make use of the skills that many older teachers have.

We all become unemployable at some stage. Myself I have worked freelance now for well over 10 years. Its given me a great income when times are good, but a little more tough when times are hard. I'm considered totally unemployable by many companies, because I have seen life from the other side. I have become a threat to all those who just loaf their way through life. Its a case of maybe I will ask to many difficult questions, or know too many answers. I'm not a brain washed product of a company HR or PR society. I can think for myself and actually make improvements....Oh that's dangerous... Bangkok dangerous even!

For Kevin.... sorry, it looks like you will have to start your own business, or go freelance or just move on... I hear Korea, China and Japan have a need for the more senior teacher, plus they pay very well. Good luck all the same.


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