Treat us with compassion!

I just want to thank "Hector" for his brilliant letter (Postbox 23rd March 20012), under the heading "Immigration must show leniency."

I think we should all pitch in and write letters or call Thai immigration directly, hoping that they will see the logic in keeping all people , including foreign teachers, where they are.. until the worst of this is over. Border runs are nearly impossible right now (I'm still trying to figure it out and need a new non-B in early April).. but since there is no actual physical need to leave the country (just a longstanding and normally wise national security policy), a simple policy change (to accommodate a humanitarian crisis) would save thousands of people and their schools from some very big headaches in the near future.

The Ministry of Tourism has advocated for forgiveness on overstays for tourist visas; but the people who come here to teach are committed to education and the success of Thai students. We deserve to be treated with compassion, and I hope that Thai Immigration will announce something to accommodate teachers in the very near future.


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