The hour of need

A change of subject from the usual problems of bureaucracy in Thailand. This last weekend the Philippines have experienced one of the most powerful cyclones the world has seen and experienced. Yet on trying to discuss this in an English class with Thai students, it's like hitting your head against a brick wall, it seems not one of them were aware of what has happened.

I have what I like to call an extended family in the city town of San Jose near Tacloban and the airport which was destroyed completely other than the runway. They took the full force of this storm and as most of us know in this area alone there could be some 10,000 possible deaths. Since that fateful day on Friday morning along with my faithful Filipino wife who has worked in Thailand for 8 years as a teacher. We have gone through a traumatic weekend trying to find out about her three children. the goods news is they are alive and well.

At the moment the Filipino government is struggling with relief supplies, things are becoming more difficult as the days go by, hopefully these things will improve soon. Just about every country in the world have responded by donating millions of Peso, except for one obvious glaring exception. Thailand where are you in the stream of time - a self centred people who have no consideration for the world around them? The Filipino people work hard in your country but you treat them as if they were your litter box.

Wake up Thailand they are apart of the ASEAN community that you confess to be a part of. They have no food or water, you are near enough to provide those needs yet your country knows nothing about it. Where is the support for your fellow man? Where is the donation for a fellow community member? if the same thing happened to you, you would be holding out your hand to the Filipinos for help.

Frank Steel

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