Contract headaches

This is a real story. I have two and half years experience teaching in Thailand. I took a contract in good faith through an agency in Songkhla. Postion English Teacher, 11 month contract, 32,000Baht per month. Sounds fair. Start teaching May 17th. Workers from the agency come to the school to sign a contract and copies of my paperwork to enable processing of work permit and Non-immigrant B visa. I then completed my one month probation. I enquire as to when my visa and work permit will be ready. Soon I was told. I then got E-mails from the agency asking for all paperwork from teachers. I contacted the office and my paperwork was fine. July passes but still no word on the visa and work permit.

I had a current Non-B up to the 8th August. I got a note from the agency. We will complete your Visa/WP on Wed 4th Aug, Please contact the office to confirm availability. I did so numerous times, only to be told I needed to speak with the Thai manager. She did not answer my calls. Morning of Aug 4th still no word. I sent an SMS at 9:20am that morning informing that they would complete the paperwork on Fri 6th Aug. After completing my classes that morning I arrived at the office of the agency. I got a phone call from manager, "Don't tell the Work Permit staff that you work for this agency or this school, you must say you work for this school". Hmmm sounded a bit odd. I got to the work permit office to recieve a WP until the end of Sept, not March 2011 as agreed on my English contract.

I enquire as to where my Thai contract is. The agency had only made a Thai contract until the end of Sept. To top things off I was not being paid until the 3rd of each month also with 1400Baht being deducted for tax and social security. (I pay for) This month September I wait until the 3rd to be paid. No money. No phone call no SMS,but an E-Mail sent at 1pm that day stating that we won't be paying you until we have your assessments. Hmmm.... semester ends at the end of September, not August. I had completed them anyway and had to wait until the 7th to be paid, with 6,000+Baht deducted without any explanation. I am still waiting for the explanation and for all money to be returned to me.

At the end of the day, if you are not given a Thail contract say within two weeks to one month of commencing work, then leave your job. Be warned! I have numerous E-Mails to confirm the above. I am still waiting to be paid and for my work reference.

Ajarn Andrew

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