Thailand or China?

Being a former teacher in China on their way to Bangkok any day now, I think it is important to shed some light on this topic. China has just as many problems if not more than Thailand.

Do most schools care about their foreign teachers? No! Can you get work without a degree? Yes! Will you get deported if caught? Yes! Can you return afterwards? No! Do you get free accommodation? Sometimes! Are you respected? Rarely! Can you work legally over 60? No!. If there is a natural disaster like a flood in China will you paid? No! Is your teaching contract enforceable by you? No! Are the students any better? No, the same. Are the girls more beautiful? No! At the end of the day where you decide to live and work is your choice. As foreigners living in another country these are the challenges we must face. I was in the same position as many of you here in Thailand while I was working in China.

I learned a valuable lesson. While working in another country it is our choice to make a positive experience out of our time there. A few suggestions to my fellow ferangs. If you think the salary is too low, don't accept the job! Save money just like you should do in your own country. Why should you be any different because you are living in Asia? Try to adjust to that countries ideals and culture.

I tried to fight the Chinese government on many things and it was like running into a brick wall every time. I expect it is the same here in Thailand. I hate to say it but at the end of the day when working in a foreign country you must be a follower and not a leader. I a convinced of this, which is why I am going to give it a second shot here in Thailand. I learned from my past mistakes and plan to use the information I learned to make my new life in Bangkok as much of a rewarding experience as possible. It is what we make of our time teaching here. Good luck to you all who have decided to work in China. Please remember that famous proverb. The grass is always greener on the other side. Cheers!


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