Teaching online changed my life

I have been online teaching for some months now. Online teaching is life changing as there are so many advantages to doing it.

1) At home with your family (not away in another area teaching and something goes wrong at home and you can't do anything about until you get home on the week end)
2) NOT having to put up with morning and afternoon traffic dodging chickens, old people on bikes and people driving up the wrong side of the road motorcycles/vehicles.
3) Not having to put up with the outside weather conditions especially the rainy season. That season is the worst to drive around in. Winter for me is the second worst season to drive in especially if your on a motorcycle.
4) Forget about lesson plans, mid and final term tests, huge amounts of down time lost (student activity days) and putting up with the daily b.s. that happens with-in the education system.
5) Actually enjoy teaching; on line teaching is extremely fun to do and I actually really enjoy teaching now. ( I became quite frustrated with the current /long standing education system)

Living in the north I have been able to achieve my initial goal of obtaining a standard monthly Thai income. As you are probably aware the north's wages are fairly low 20000, 25000, 27/28000 to 30-35 0000 (only some schools). 25000 a month seems to be the standard wage. This goal has been achieved via one on line teaching web site so if you live in the north and on the average wage. it is very feasible.

My second goal is to achieve around 30-40000 a month but utilizing two on line teaching websites. This I feel is achievable as I am currently on line teaching part time and do have a number of extra hours that I can utilize during the week.

The way I see it is I am gaining overseas income (Japanese yen for now) and perhaps US dollars at a later date. I am NOT making any Thai baht at all. Therefore I am not officially being paid by a Thai school/language school/company. If I do make more money than the Thai tax free threshold this is usually cancelled out being married to a Thai. I am utilizing my time wisely at home and with my family. I am just on the internet enjoying my pass time/interest.

Recently Paypal has put a 21 day holding policy on any funds received as a payment. This can be a huge blow to a lot of people. I got my monthly income recently with a hold of 21 days initially. I called Paypal and really explained what the account was mainly used for Premier (tutoring/on line purchases). i told them that I am NOT in business and I am NOT a seller. They released my funds quickly. I was also told by Paypal to inform them by e mail when a payment is received before a click on accept payment then the funds will be released quickly.

I am now looking forward to achieving my second goal as mentioned earlier.

Online teaching does change your life.


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