Show a bit of community spirit Thailand

Show a bit of community spirit Thailand

Thai people always say that hey are the friendliest people in the world...hmmmmm.
Thai people always harp on about how well they treat and respect other cultures....hmmmmmmm.
Thai people want to become part of the ASEAN community which means co-operation with others and support.......hmmmmmmmm.

So why has nothing been done by the Thai people to help the Filipino people? I think Thai people should be ashamed of themselves for being so blind and ignorant toward a fellow ASEAN member country that is in desperate need of help. I have asked Thai people and teachers what they are doing to aid the Filipino people and the answer was without too much surprise.......nothing.

Thai people should be more aware of what it means to be part of a community before they commit to becoming part of it and try to be what they claim to be. The devastation caused by the super typhoon in the Philippines is mind blowing and the suffering of its people is beyond human belief. The strength and courage shown by the Filipinos despite the hardships in such awful times is beyond bravery.

The images you see are but a glimpse of what has been lost not only in property and homes but over 10,000 lives and I find that the courage shown by the brave people of this great country should be an example to all of us and their plight and call for help should not go unanswered. We as people should forget all of our silly insignificant quarrels and rush aid to the people of this great country and offer a helping hand to those who need it most.

Please send what you can to aid in the recovery and ease the suffering even if it is just a simple food parcel or a bottle of water. You may save a life by doing such a simple human act. WAKE UP THAILAND AND LEND A HAND......THEY WOULD DO IT FOR YOU.

Dr John Smith

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