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I retired from my job in the States last year and decided to spend my retirement here in Thailand, teaching Thai people to speak better English among other things. I knew beforehand it would be an uphill battle. I have spent 4 years of my life here, plus another 11 working at a Thai church near my home in the San Diego area, so I was well aware of the difficulties Thai people have with our language. In fact, most of the few Thai people I know who speak it fluently have a very heavy Thai accent.


Standing up for the teaching profession, and the complicity of silence.

“Someone wrote on your blog that you are 'dangerous'. I say you are a neurotic loose canon and a liability for a school, working with children”

The battle is finally over

And there were no winners

Restrictions on freedom of speech are simply a form a thought control and involve a huge amount of power. Thailand must accept that if it wants to be a fore - player in the modern world, it must at least accept that other nations allow freedom of speech.

Belated April fool's jokes

Humorous Thai news stories

You'll find it hard to believe but these stories - taken from Thai newspapers - are genuinely true. You just couldn't write the script!

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The dreaded demo

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Renting an apartment?

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Fun Quiz

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Can you hear me OK?

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Teacher mistakes

Teacher mistakes

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Will I find work in Thailand?

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