The grass is greener!


I had five excellent years living and working in Thailand, but the nonsensical bureaucracy eventually drove me away

How will the visa rule changes affect teachers?

I'm sure that many of you will have been reading over the past few weeks that there are some major changes on the way regarding visa rules and immigration laws in Thailand.

License issues

Teacher in Khon Kean

Does anyone know how to do a teacher licence renewal?

Work permits for teachers


My interpretation of the current rules concerning teacher licenses and work permits

New law regarding work permits for teachers?

Dara Quinn

Whilst at a job interview last week I was informed (by an international school) that if a person had no teaching degree they would not be issued a third work permit

The senselessness of Thai bureaucrats and oligarchs

Thailand is ruled by men, not laws

I understand that Thai people do not like causing conflict or losing face, but the first step in solving a problem is admitting that there is one

Teaching in Thailand

Dr John Smith

In many articles people have complained that the money they have to pay each year for work permits, visas and teaching licence makes it just not worth it. When is the ministry going to wake up and stop persecuting teachers who have nothing but good intent for the education of the Thai children and stay here as law abiding people.

What a system!


This year, The Ministry of Education once again added more difficulty in processing the teachers license and work permit.

New visa rule is ridiculous

Dr John Smith

In my opinion I find it very difficult to understand the mentality or blatant stupidity of the Thai immigration section in Bangkok. Not only do they rip you off at every turn but now they have found a new way to get money from visitors.

Thailand, the sick man of ASEAN


I relocated to Vietnam to see if the grass was any greener over there. Whilst I was in Vietnam at the beginning I wrote an article saying what a breath of fresh air it was from the idiocy of Thailand. But after one year I came to realize the grass was not that green after all.

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