The dreaded demo lesson

How to make sure your demo lesson goes as smoothly as possible

Now that the busy hiring season is almost upon us, many schools will be asking potential teachers for a demo lesson. Don't panic. Let them know who the professional is.

Filipino teachers and salaries


It seems the teacher salaries are actually going down, and it's work ethics and attitudes such as that which contribute to it.

Suffering because of my 'Thainess'


Most schools were still unwilling to give me the typical farang wage of 50K or more because of my "Thainess"

Filipino teachers are worth more


If we Filipinos continue to take on these jobs with low salaries, without even bothering to haggle for an increase, we are making the Filipino teacher's value in this country lower.

Beauty's only skin deep

Young, good-looking teachers don't always have the upper hand you know

If you're not a handsome, beautiful-looking teacher, you may want to look away now. The latest Twitter craze among Asian academic students is to share photos of their gorgeous new English teacher on-line and show the world how lucky they are.

A shortage of qualified teachers more like


What Thailand does have, and will continue to have, is a shortage of qualified teachers because at present the salaries that government or mainstream schools can offer is far below what a large proportion of the teaching fraternity will come and work for.

The day of reckoning


The days of the "tourist teacher" with a high school completion, fresh face and a TEFL cert are now facing a mass extinction event (globally).

There is hope


I am in my third year at the same government school. I have a TEFL certificate, but do not have a degree.

Let's wait and see what happens


It is very interesting to read all the gossip and drama surrounding the new visa rules. I think 'apparently' is the correct word to use during this debate because I think people need to look at this situation realistically.

Things have changed for qualified teachers in Bangkok


It is a shame that Bangkok has become stagnant in so many ways. Wages are falling, cost are rising and call-backs or even acknowledgements are very slow in coming.

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