Neighborhood watch

How do Bangkok neighborhoods differ?

I've been thinking about the five different neighborhoods I have lived in during my twenty-odd years in Bangkok. Which ones did I enjoy? Were there any neighborhoods that I particularly hated? What were the advantages and disadvantages of each community that I spent time in? Perhaps it would be interesting to draw some comparisons.

The city is theirs!

Thailand - the home of all things that bite, sting, crawl, creep or scurry.

There are many dangers awaiting the new arrival in Thailand, but never underestimate what might be under the roof or under the floorboards.

A room with a view

From airless studio apartments to dingy guest houses

I was thinking the other day about how many different styles of accommodation or housing I have lived in during my years in Bangkok - rented houses, tiny studio apartments, dodgy neighborhoods - I didn't realize there were so many. So in chronological order, here are the places that have provided a roof over my head at some stage.

It's a lawless land

Who can you complain to in Thailand when you've been truly wronged?

This is a country where I'm convinced you have to let many incidents go and chalk them up to experience. Pursuing things ‘legally' and going down what you feel are the appropriate channels will just lead to frustration and despair. This is Thailand. It's a lawless land.

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