No acts of God in my contract

Regarding James' letter - (Food for thought, Postbox 25th November) My contract doesn't state anywhere about non-payment for acts of God or civil unrest, etc. My contract was as clear as day. My school still tried it on, but I fought them and got my salary. If your contract does state this and you've signed it, you clearly don't have a leg to stand on. I'm sure many contracts will now be amended. It only took 50 years. What about all the teachers forced out of Bangkok? The ones paying for hotels not knowing what is happening. Many schools haven't even bothered to help their teachers in the slightest. Just kept them in the dark and hope no one will say anything. Not even a phone call to ask 'are you okay?'.

I agree people should have savings, and 'some' teachers should stop living so carelessly - but at the end of the day, why is it okay for businesses that employ these teachers to only make profit and not take any risk? Why are some teachers taking the risk while the agency/school takes little or no risk.? It's not about people needing to be taken care of. It's about doing the right thing. To say we live in a country with no social safety and not many rights does not justify some schools' behaviour. I'm sure many Thai people would be offended with this attitude.

I know many companies here who are paying their absent Thai/foreign staff in full. Some are even paying for hotels for their staff. So stop with this 'this is Thailand' attitude. It all boils down to 'money over morals'.


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