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posted on 14th August 2011

Q1. Where did you move to and when?

USA in 2007

Q2. How long did you work in Thailand?

Four years

Q3. What was your main reason for moving?

Money, fair treatment, and professional advancement

Q4. What are the advantages of working where you are now compared to Thailand?

I save a lot more money and have a great retirement plan and family insurance. I get two months of paid vacation and the company I am with offer solid professional development

Q5. What do you miss about life in Thailand?

I miss the bad treatment, the double standards and hypocrisy of the school management - and the constant gossip.

Q6. Would you advise a new teacher to seek work in Thailand or where you are now?

If you are a fully certified teacher, try to apply early to one of those Tier 1 schools in Bangkok. The rest of them are not real educators.

Q7. Any plans to return to Thailand one day?

Never again

Q8. Anything else you'd like to add?

Thailand is not a great place to bring up a family.

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